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Monday, May 21, 2012

As the caterpillar would say, "Who are you?"

Weird is my forté.  I felt I should mention that.
     I do not believe, I would have begun a blog, having anything to do with myself whatsoever, (I insanely guard privacy) if I had not already written a book, with the hope that, one day, someone would want to read it.  It will always have done me good to have written it, but for someone to read it?  So much better!  :)  I hope someone out there will.  But I feel it only fair, that I should say something of the author.  Perhaps I will refer to myself in third person.  I am always vaguely disturbed by talking too much about myself.  It's a bit like people who hate to have their photo taken, I always jokingly ask if they're afraid it will steal their soul.  hahah!  Well, I do not have the same problem with photos.  I am an avid, amateur photog!  Should I ever have alzheimer's in the future, I will have pictures to look back on as my memory.
     So, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words...so...pictures.  ;)

I <3 things, like bizarre, vintage, pillbox, feathered hats.
The artwork of, John William Waterhouse (A Mermaid)...he had the purrfect name for painting mermaids.

And John Anster 'Fairy' Fitzgerald (Chase of the White Mouse)

Red lipstick!  Retro Red!

The sea...


Lions...or, more particularly, Aslan.  The Lion.  
(The Chronicles of Narnia, by C S Lewis)

 Writing stories...

Treasures...whatever they may be...wherever they are to be found.
(A tale for another day.)
Turbans with feathers & jewels to pair with my 'genie' slippers.
(Let's just say, I like hats.)

Books!-Oh, oh!-Books galore!

Peacock feathers...obviously.  They have all my favorite colors, well, that & red.

Mermaids!  Of course.  That's exactly how all of this mayhem began.
(You can visit my mermaid blog, here: Melusina Mermaid)

The Paris Opera House, designed by Charles Garnier; it's beautiful!
(This is just a tiny miniature of the Opera that sits on my dresser.)

The music of the incomparable Yma Sumac!
(She was like a mix of salsa, opera, jazz, bird calls, & jungle chants...& she was gorgeous to boot!)

Red chandeliers!   
I spray painted an old, brass chandelier & strung all the vintage beads.
(Anything red, really.)

Wind chimes, peals of bells on the fingers of the wind.  :)

Miniature houses for miniature peoples.
(The doll house isn't quite finished.)

And a rose bower above my bed, for rose-colored dreams.
(I strung faux roses from an old pan rack...hahah!)

Did I mention that I see red?-hahah!-though it does look a bit orange in the photo.
(I found the vintage, Jerell jumpsuit & necklace the other day, for dirt cheap, of course!)
Jerell of Texas, that is...not quite the same as 'something' of say, 'Paris', or 'Italy'.  ;)

I could go on, & on, & on, & on, & on with photos...like the song that never ends.  
But I will refrain from boring you to tears.  So that is a little bit of me.  ;)

~Have a lovely day!  Ta-ta!~

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