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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Long Live the Knife" a novel; The Proof!

We, meaning I, since there's nobody else here...harhar, had ourselves a 'Joan Wilder' moment.  Today, October 16, 2012...which is actually not today anymore, but whatever.  Think film, think Romancing the Stone, think first scene...or would it have been the second?

The proof copy of my NEEW (*new*...my dingbat fingers kept adding an extra 'e', that's special) novel, Long Live the Knife arrived today!  Via UPS (I think I <3 them now, I feel like I should wait at the door next time they come & give them flowers).  Anyhoo, I nearly wept.  Like a pussy, infected wound (EEEWWW!)  Although I did not fall down upon the floor as I expected.  In fact, it's rather ironic, but I did not cry at all upon finishing the danged thing.  Let's say...it took 'awhile'.  ;P

 Well, at least I don't look quite as sick as I feel (sore throat...bleh!)
In a super eery coinkidink (is there a proper spelling for a nonsense word?), like Joan, I have too much mucus stored up in my nostrils & a sore throat.  You wanted to know, I'm sure.

It's not a romance novel I have written, however.  Thank Neptune (wha???)  ;D  But there's plenty of good, old clanky melodrama & darkness & strangeness & weirdness.  Gothic Romance, perhaps?  Not at all the same thing as a straight up 'romance' novel.  Those are not my particular cup of tea.  So, when it's released, which is going to be soon, please go purchase it!  For Christmas stocking stuffers, a more disturbing gift than coal.  :D  You'll enjoy it, trust me.  If not...well, I am only right about 99% of the time.  ;)

Enough photographs of the same book?-obsessive luv!  Pardon the mess the room is in.

~I shall revisit thee, anon!~