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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In Which I Sing Songs of Vintage Sarongs


Wouldn't that be something?  Singing songs of sarongs, that is.  

The rather unfortunate Fortune humor strikes again.  

I said that before, didn't I?  

With lethal consequences.  


May cause symptoms such as rolling of eyes, groaning from the gut, & banging of heads against tabletops.  ;)

Despite the fact that I just used the plural form of head, I do hope you only own one of those.

Suzy Parker in an ad for Revlon's lipstick, 'Pango Peach'.
Very tropical.

 Anyhoo, now that it is cold enough that I can no longer feel my fingers or toes, I am dreaming of the ocean waves & the beach, once again.

I was also quite obsessed with the vintage version of the sarong this past summer.

Well, the sarong is not much changed since the Polynesians, rather the vintage way of wearing one.

I found this one whilst 'thrifting', thrift is most definitely a verb, but only had the one chance of wearing it.

 Until the fantabulousness of tropical prints & the sarong my summer wardrobe was feeling rather dismal & mind-numbingly dull.  

I'm always better at dressing for winter.

The gorgeous, Rita Hayworth, aka, the 'Love Goddess', as she was known.
Not necessarily a proper sarong, but I'm counting it.
The beading makes me salivate like a rabid monkey.

 So, this is my ode to the sarong.

I am going to pretend that I hear the gulls & the waves.  ;)

Jean Simmons in the original (I think?), "The Blue Lagoon".

Dorothy Lamour, the screen siren & sarong queen!

Model, Sylvia MacNeill

Rita, again.

Jean Simmons.

Dorothy Lamour...in a jungle...of course.

Elle Raines.

Well, I do believe I have my tropical fix.
Are you any warmer this autumn/winter than I am?


Saturday, November 10, 2012

How Novel! My Novel!

This is how ridiculously giddy, when one wakes to find one's novel for sale on Amazon.com, one looks.
Especially when the whole ordeal was supposed to take nearly a week of torturous waiting.
Victory sequins.

Oh my.

The Fortune humor (which is, sadly, both heredity & just plain sad), strikes again!

In reference to my own blog title.

Which, sadly, as well...I found too amusing.

Well, at least I amuse myself.

If no one else appreciates your humor, at least you should!  ;)

That is the way I see it.

But I'm rambling.

(Imagine that.)

Dun, dun, dun...

Drumrool, ahem, silly typos making me sound Scottish...drumroll!


Many 'eeks' & much screaming, weeping, & Snoopy dances will now ensue.
And, thus, the links for you to go buy all my books.  ;)

Support the starving artist!

Save the whales!

The page above says 'CreateSpace', but this is basically another name for Amazon.

I have an 'actual' Amazon link as well, but if you'd like to be reeaally kind, when you buy via 'CreateSpace', the author actually receives much more in royalties from their book, despite the paperback copies having the exact same price.

And the link to my ebook!

"Long Live the Knife" a novel by Olivia Fortune; for Kindle & Kindle App
The nice thing about the Amazon Kindle, is that you don't need a Kindle to download & read ebooks.

They have an app you can install on your computer or any other device with internet access for free!

Isn't that nifty & nice?

Kindle Cloud Reader FREE


Curl up with a good book (hopefully mine?) & enjoy!


(They make delightfully dark & strange, Christmas gifts!)

What are your favorite books?

 ~Good Night, Good Night!~

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Night of The Wild Wild West

I saw Bonanza on tv today & wondered just what in the heck happened to all the cowboy shows that used to be on tv.
Jim West & train.  Forget a houseboat.
From Gunsmoke, to The Lone Ranger, The Wild, Wild West...does anyone remember, The Wild, Wild West?  I am not talking about the movie.  Sorry, noooo.  :P  I loved the show when I was little (weird girl here)...what was his name...James?  I was in love with him...who wouldn't be, am I right?  He always wore a blue suit, blue, paisley vest to match his blue eyes.  (Pardon the fan-girly attack.)  ;)  Didn't he live on a train or something?  Racking my brain.  Why do these episodes never air it on television anymore???  Tell me this.  Ah, the deep questions of life...of my life, anyway.  ;D  Ooh...& Artie!  How could one forget a name like Artemus???
Admit it, you want to decorate like Jim & Artie!
Every Saturday morning.  The television in the basement, planted on the futon couch (with the crazy, trip to Mexico floral pattern...actually our whole basement looked like a vacation to Mexico...so much color!-purple, orange, red, green walls!), eating powdered sugar doughnuts.  Inspiring me to write many (probably politically incorrect ;D ) 'Cowboys & Indians' stories on our Wiggins in Storyland computer game.  Does anyone else remember DOS computers?  heheh.  Anyhoo, trip down memory lane...  My neighbor actually went out & bought the entire series on DVD, he said I could borrow it sometime!  Which makes him just.plain.awesome.  :)
Jim sans shirt.  ;)  Not my fault...they were always looking for excuses to get rid of the shirt.
So...this blog is random.  I guess I need to stop obsessing over cohesiveness.  I do that.  Obsess.  And, I should really update my mermaid blog.  Yet, I have not as of recently.  I must be evil.  However, I still <3 mermaids!  I am a mermaid!  I know so much mermaid trivia it's just too sad.  ;)
Jim & Artie are skeptical of what you say.
 Because you always wanted to know how...of course.
I reeeeaaally do want the green & gold, tassel decked curtains!
(Someone out there is gagging at the kitsch.)  ;)