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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In Which I Sing Songs of Vintage Sarongs


Wouldn't that be something?  Singing songs of sarongs, that is.  

The rather unfortunate Fortune humor strikes again.  

I said that before, didn't I?  

With lethal consequences.  


May cause symptoms such as rolling of eyes, groaning from the gut, & banging of heads against tabletops.  ;)

Despite the fact that I just used the plural form of head, I do hope you only own one of those.

Suzy Parker in an ad for Revlon's lipstick, 'Pango Peach'.
Very tropical.

 Anyhoo, now that it is cold enough that I can no longer feel my fingers or toes, I am dreaming of the ocean waves & the beach, once again.

I was also quite obsessed with the vintage version of the sarong this past summer.

Well, the sarong is not much changed since the Polynesians, rather the vintage way of wearing one.

I found this one whilst 'thrifting', thrift is most definitely a verb, but only had the one chance of wearing it.

 Until the fantabulousness of tropical prints & the sarong my summer wardrobe was feeling rather dismal & mind-numbingly dull.  

I'm always better at dressing for winter.

The gorgeous, Rita Hayworth, aka, the 'Love Goddess', as she was known.
Not necessarily a proper sarong, but I'm counting it.
The beading makes me salivate like a rabid monkey.

 So, this is my ode to the sarong.

I am going to pretend that I hear the gulls & the waves.  ;)

Jean Simmons in the original (I think?), "The Blue Lagoon".

Dorothy Lamour, the screen siren & sarong queen!

Model, Sylvia MacNeill

Rita, again.

Jean Simmons.

Dorothy Lamour...in a jungle...of course.

Elle Raines.

Well, I do believe I have my tropical fix.
Are you any warmer this autumn/winter than I am?


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