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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Night of The Wild Wild West

I saw Bonanza on tv today & wondered just what in the heck happened to all the cowboy shows that used to be on tv.
Jim West & train.  Forget a houseboat.
From Gunsmoke, to The Lone Ranger, The Wild, Wild West...does anyone remember, The Wild, Wild West?  I am not talking about the movie.  Sorry, noooo.  :P  I loved the show when I was little (weird girl here)...what was his name...James?  I was in love with him...who wouldn't be, am I right?  He always wore a blue suit, blue, paisley vest to match his blue eyes.  (Pardon the fan-girly attack.)  ;)  Didn't he live on a train or something?  Racking my brain.  Why do these episodes never air it on television anymore???  Tell me this.  Ah, the deep questions of life...of my life, anyway.  ;D  Ooh...& Artie!  How could one forget a name like Artemus???
Admit it, you want to decorate like Jim & Artie!
Every Saturday morning.  The television in the basement, planted on the futon couch (with the crazy, trip to Mexico floral pattern...actually our whole basement looked like a vacation to Mexico...so much color!-purple, orange, red, green walls!), eating powdered sugar doughnuts.  Inspiring me to write many (probably politically incorrect ;D ) 'Cowboys & Indians' stories on our Wiggins in Storyland computer game.  Does anyone else remember DOS computers?  heheh.  Anyhoo, trip down memory lane...  My neighbor actually went out & bought the entire series on DVD, he said I could borrow it sometime!  Which makes him just.plain.awesome.  :)
Jim sans shirt.  ;)  Not my fault...they were always looking for excuses to get rid of the shirt.
So...this blog is random.  I guess I need to stop obsessing over cohesiveness.  I do that.  Obsess.  And, I should really update my mermaid blog.  Yet, I have not as of recently.  I must be evil.  However, I still <3 mermaids!  I am a mermaid!  I know so much mermaid trivia it's just too sad.  ;)
Jim & Artie are skeptical of what you say.
 Because you always wanted to know how...of course.
I reeeeaaally do want the green & gold, tassel decked curtains!
(Someone out there is gagging at the kitsch.)  ;) 


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