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Friday, December 14, 2012

Mika Penniman: My Currentest Obsession

'Currentest'...not a word.

Just for future reference.  ;)

I <3 people who like to sip from the golden goblet of crazy.


I made that a sentence.

Golden Goblet.

Alas, in all my mess of junk (ahem!-treasures!) I could not find a single golden goblet to illustrate my...um...point?  No.  There is no point to my ramblings.  To illustrate my ramblings, that's what we'll say.  Will a golden bear suffice?
Sounds like a discotheque.

Discotheque is a fun word.

Is rambling.

Me, that is.

I do so love a weird word.

And weird people.


Mika just my kind of wonderful weird.

Take one parts Prince, one parts Adam Ant, & a bit o' George Michael; shaken, not stirred; & you get Mika.

I will drink that martini.

(Not that I ever really drink...is vastly overrated...but, whatever.)  ;)

And, now, I have, more than probably, listened to "Lola", at least a 1,000 times.

And counting...

Mika Penniman is like the circus!

See one & you'll never forget.

The man is brilliant.

Musically brilliant.

And he studied opera in France.

Which just sounds impressive.

He makes me want to compose pop music, since, unlike many 'artists', his version of 'pop' is not utter rubbish.

He's what pop is when it doesn't suck, when it's clever.

Sadly, I never found a <3 for guitar, thus limiting my musical capabilities, as guitar & piano where the only two instruments I practiced.

Shame on you Mom & Dad!  ;)


See, they bought me a black electric instead of a red.

And a girl just can't work with that.

Black is just so dull next to cherry.

So I won't be the next Hendrix.


Aren't I a whiner?

Who doesn't need a pink, cupcake shawl, I ask?

And I gave up piano...yet, I don't seem to recall why.


This has been my sales pitch.

So, go buy all of his albums/concert dvds like I did.

In a rabid frenzy of musical obsession.

I'm quite poor now.

Donations?  ;)


Life in 'actual' Cartoon Motion.  Or, what happens when you find, "The Boy Who Knew Too Much" waiting to be listened to.  Drops all the everythings (sometimes I enjoy typing/speaking as though I do not understand the workings of proper English.  Roll with it.)  Yay, Mika!!!  Enjoys acting like a crazy fan-girl.  ;)  *Snoopy Dances*

(Somehow, not having seen a clear photo of him before first listening to Lola, I am very nearly convinced that my ears have managed to fine tune themselves into discovering singers attached to lovely mops of curly hair.  Which is just plain odd.  But true...somehow.  Anyhoo...)

We remain colorful as ever.

That's all she wrote.


Huzzah!-for bowler hats.

Mika wants to be left alone with his Eiffel Tower lamp.

~Night, Night!~

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