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Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Apocalypse

Things I was doing before the end of the world.

Eating popcorn!

Thanks Mayans.

(Although, if you want to be technical, the world probably 'ended' a loooong time ago, as the Mayans did not use our current calendar.  But, whatever.)

I bought a new shirt...orange!-with wings!  On sale!  (Girls need closets the size of pyramids...of Giza.)  ;)
Taking random photos for one.

Listening to Mika!

Random dull things, that I decided to record.

Because it's my blog.

Autographing Christmas gifts...because when I'm dead (& famous, yes, good luck with that, teehee!) it'll be worth something.

So if it makes your brain bleed...just run away!  ;)

I unearthed a magical goblin ring in the room beneath the basement stairs (we keep Harry Potter locked up there.)  ;)
What were you doing before the end of the world?

Rocking my sequin/tacky/granny sweater!  Granny chic!

Growing dandelions in an old coffee tin.  Yes, on purpose.  Dandelions are actually quite good for you.  Vitamins & all (not that I recall which ones).  You can eat them in salads, make wine, or tea.  :D

Playing milliner with green ribbons & birdies.

Reading A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K Le Guin.  Essentially a darker version of Harry Potter, before Harry Potter was ever around.  How many times have I mentioned Harry Potter now?  How odd.

Christmas shopping.

Wrapping up presents with sparkley bows.

Merry (early) Christmas!!!
Listening to this song on repeat!  Stardust!  Mika!

(And writing stories!-but I'll have to tell you about that later, good night!.)

~Will I See You Tomorrow?~

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